Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cleaning your AR a waste of time?

 Vuurwapen Blog recently ran an interesting piece combating the mantra 'ARs need to be clean or else they won't work'.  I am always asked, "How clean does my AR need to be?"  The answer you'll receive from most military personnel will be, "Until you can't pull out any more carbon."  However, this might be a little misleading.  There IS such a thing as cleaning too much.  This can lead to the wearing off of important coatings that are there to protect the firearm over time.  I'm not saying that you shouldn't clean your rifle.  What I'm saying is that often times most people will immediately attribute malfunctions to built up carbon, which is often not the case.  What's most important with AR style rifles is keeping them lubricated.

Here is Vuurwapen Blog's post: Cleaning Your AR-15 is Pretty Much a Waste of Time

They also reference a great run through on how the AR style rifle works by Steve from ADCO Firearms

- Double Aught

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