Thursday, November 11, 2010

Danner boots in demand by U.S. Army - Kit Up!

Any Soldier, that does any work, will tell you, "A good boot is indispensable."  I know this from experience and talking/complaining with fellow troops about Army issue boots.  Normally, when you get boots issued they feel like crap.  You might try to break them in and maybe you get lucky and they work for you.  More often than not though you'll be looking for a better boot that fits into the Army regulations.  Danner has been making quality boots since 1932 and has earned the stamp of approval by many service members.  Recently the Army has recognized the need for a 'beyond standard issue' type boot to become standard-ish.  Christian over at Kit Up! Blog has posted some big news for the feet of many Soldiers.

Check out the full post HERE.

- Double Aught

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