Thursday, November 11, 2010

ITS Tactical's How To: Escape from zip ties

ITS Tactical has a fantastic tutorial on how to escape from zip ties.  It is becoming more and more common for police departments and security personnel to use zip ties for restraining people of interest.  ITS covers several different techniques using video tutorials.  This information is strictly for informational purposes and we do not condone resisting any law enforcement activities with this knowledge.  How to escape zip ties is a good thing to know in 'what if' cases. 

What if:
  • I am zip cuffed and in danger and need to find safety
  • I am zip cuffed during a home invasion and feel I can resist
  • I am zip cuffed at a party as a joke and don't think it's funny any more
These are just a few examples of knowing how to escape from zip ties can be helpful. 

Check out ITS Tactical's full post along with videos HERE.

- Double Aught

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