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New AR? Which Optic?: Mini Red Dots

Mini Red Dots: MRDs
Compiled by: Double Aught

MRDs (mini red dots) have become very popular in recent years due to their size and weight. Optics manufactures have found that with new technologies they can build sights in a very small package that deliver big performance. Many may question the durability of these sights because of their size, but MRDs continue to prove themselves worthy of being placed on all sorts of weapon systems. Because of their small form factor, shooters are placing them on top of handgun slides and 'piggy backing' them on top of primary optics for enhanced performance on the range and the battle field.
Below I do not list all MRD options from each manufacture, because differences between each optic may differ only by MOA size or color of the dot. Remember you can always click on the hyper-links to visit the manufacturer's website or purchase the optic and read further specifications and reviews from Optics Planet.

Wixom, Michigan based Trijicon is one of the most successful manufactures of optics because of their 'no battery needed' aiming sights. They achieve this by using Tritium which is a self illuminating isotope of hydrogen and combining it with a fiber optic illumination system. Trijicon produces optics for military, law enforcement and civilian use. Their line of MRDs is the most diverse out of the other one in this post. With MRDs that have been in combat for many years and MRDs that need no batteries to function it is clear why Trijicon is an optics mogul.
    Battery/Life: 3V CR2032 / Not Available
    Weight: 1.2 oz.
    Trijicon RMR Dual Illuminated
    Price: $563
  • Battery/Life: No Battery Needed Tritium and Fiber Optic
    Weight: 1.2 oz.
    Price: $412
  • Battery/Life: 3V CR2032 / Not Available
    Weight: 0.9 oz.
    Price: $500 MSRP
Pros: Combat Tested, No Batteries Needed
Cons: Not sure if there are any cons...

Leupold and Stevens Inc. was started in 1907 and is currently based in Oregon. They have been making rifle scopes for over 100 years, but just recently put a MRD on to the market.
    Leupold Deltapoint
    Battery/Life: 3V CR2032 / Not Available
    Weight: 1.02 oz.
    Price: $399
Pros: Wide field of view
Cons: Not sure if there are any cons...

Insight technologies have been making products for the U.S. Military since 1988. They currently produce many laser illuminators and tactical lights under contract. Just recently they have put one of their own MRDs on the market.
    Insight Tecnology MRD
    Battery/Life: CR1632 / 250 Hours
    Weight: .85 oz.
    Price: $454
Pros: Very Light
Cons: Not many reviews out yet

JP Enterprises Inc. has been making custom AR rifles for many years. Based in Minnesota, they have also worked closely with Viking Tactics. Their MRD is one of the lightest on available on the market.
    JP Enterprises Inc.  JPOINT
    Battery/Life: CR2032 / Not Available
    Weight: 0.5 oz.
    Price: $270
Pros: Very Light, Economical
Cons: Not sure if there are many cons...

Burris has been making rifle scopes and other optics for many years. They have a very popular MRD on the market. It's in its 2nd generation:
    Burris FastFire
    Battery/Life: CR2032 / Not Available
    Weight: 9 oz.
    Price: $199
Pros: On/Off Switch, Economical
Cons: Hard to find any cons...

This is not a complete list of all MRDs. This is a quick list of some basic sights that should be on your short-list of optics to buy. This is just scratching the surface of many subjects involving MRDs. If you have any questions please ask in the comments below, twitter @RomeoTangoBravo or email them to

- Double Aught

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