Thursday, November 11, 2010

Optics Review Coming Soon...

The AR style rifle is extremely versatile with several different ammunition options, barrel lengths, and accessories to match; but a good optic is what will ultimately go on top of any AR rifle. There is one primary question you have to ask yourself before you go out and spend your hard earned money on an optic. “What is the main purpose of my rifle?” Is your rifle going to be used for hunting, 3-gun competition, shooting paper, or is it going to be 'tacit-cool'? You've bought an AR, and now you want to place an optic on top; but which one?
There are three main categories of optics that mesh well with an AR rifle:
  • Red dots
  • Scopes
  • Iron sights

With in these three categories we will look at some standouts in the market. Within red dots we will also look at the emerging market of MRDs (mini red dots). The scope is what many consider to be the more traditional optic and we will look at several options in this field. Iron sights seem to be almost forgotten thing when it comes to the AR rifle, but is still a very necessary and effective sighting solution.
Over the next week (or when I find time to do it) posts will be added to the blog in a buyers guide format for each category. Each optic with have a link to it's manufacture and Optics Planet for prices and detailed specification sheets. I hope this will be helpful and informational.

Stay tuned...

- Double Aught

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