Sunday, December 5, 2010

6.8 SPC Uppers: Few and Far Between

6.8 SPC (left) 5.56mm (right)
Back in 2002 Remington and U.S. SOCOM developed the 6.8 SPC cartridge for the M4 platform in order to give it some more 'power'.  When this round hit the civilian market many manufactures started producing 6.8 SPC rifles. Barrett, Bushmaster, LWRC, DPMS, Rock River, StagNoveske, POF, Ruger, and Wilson produce fantastic 6.8 SPC chambered rifles, but only a few offer a stand alone upper available for purchase.

Why would you want to buy just an 'upper'?

Noveske 7.5 Diplomat 6.8 SPC

What is very appealing for many current owners of an AR-15 rifle is that you only need to replace the upper and magazine in order to fire a more powerful cartridge.  The 6.8 SPC has a 44% increase in energy over the 5.56mm.  I personally want to get one for coyote hunting.

The following are a few 6.8 SPC uppers that I would consider to be an entry level purchase.

Rock River Arms
Their uppers start at $510-$675

Stag Arms
Their uppers start at $525-$625 and also come in left-handed models.

Stag 5H

Stag 7HL

PRI 25 Round 6.8 SPC

Now that you have an upper you will just need to change your magazine.  Percision Reflex, Inc. seems to be one of the most forward thinking groups out there.  They offer 6.8 SPC magazines in 5, 10, 15, and 25 round options.  All of their magazines are of welded steel construction and are priced at $33 to $48 a peice.  Barrett and C Products also manufacture magazines, but PRI seems to have the most variety.

Anyone out there with any experince with a 6.8 SPC upper feel free to comment and anyone with questions please ask! Comment below...

- Double Aught

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