Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fun, Practical, and Cheap! Reactive Targets from Do-All Outdoors, LLC.

I try to go shooting at a range at least once a week, but what I prefer more than the range is going out onto some land to shoot where there's no one to bother.  Whenever I am afforded this chance it is often with a friend.  We often use these times to try some more dynamic drills not usually accepted at the static ranges. Other times we will just walk the fields and woods looking for rabbits, squirrels, or whatever may move quickly to give a chance to try some quick target acquisition.
Do-All Outdoors, LLC. has developed a product to make these endeavors more fun and productive; because we all know that when you have a gun in hand you don't see as many rabbits or squirrels.  These are durable reactive targets.  You can find them for under $20 at Cheaper Than Dirt.
"Impact Seal Ground Bouncing Reactive Targets were originally designed for military, law enforcement and fast action pistol training. These are action targets that are unpredictable and they challenge the shooter to locate and readjust for every shot. The technologically advanced material will handle thousands of rounds from .22-.50 caliber. These durable targets are built for long life and countless hours of fun."
  • Target Self Heals Upon Impact
  • They Fly, Bounce, Roll, & Run every time they are shot - Never the same Shot twice
  • Handles 1,000+ rounds ( Gun Ball handles 10,000+ rounds)

- Double Aught

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  1. Does this company have the products that used to be known as "Just Shoot Me" targets? Looks awfully similar. If so, they're awesome. I have the pistol cube, the ball, and a very heavy and dense "sniper cube" designed for high powered rifle rounds. These are great fun and move around quite a bit, thereby offering a randomly moving target. Well worth the money!

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