Friday, December 3, 2010

GAME CHANGER from Surefire! ** EXCLUSIVE**

Look out Magpul, you have some competition from SureFire! A few months ago we heard about Magpul's plans on producing a 60 round polymer magazine for AR rifles.  Well, SureFire is going to be showing off their aluminium 60 round and 100 round magazine at SHOT SHOW 2011! 

SureFire 60 Round Magazine
Will these magazines be a practical addition to everybody's load out? Probably not, but it will be an interesting accessory for some new combat rifles like FNH HAMR and H&K IAR (416)
SureFire 100 Round Magazine
Check out DefenseReview's EXCLUSIVE article! They also have an abundance of technical specs and a little Q&A with Surefire!

60 Round Mag = $129
100 Round Mag = $179

-Double Aught

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