Friday, December 31, 2010

Pimp My Lower: 7 parts to improve your AR-15 receiver

This is the best ambi magazine catch I have ever used.  It is a simple yet rugged design that unlike others does not use the receiver as the pivot point.  The Norgon Ambi-Catch is a "drop-in" replacement for the magazine catch that sits on the left side of the receiver. NSN: 1005-01-537-6498
Price: $89.99

Magpul B.A.D. Lever
aka: Battery Assist Device. The B.A.D. Lever is a very intuitive add-on that allows a right-handed shooter the ability to lock/release the bolt with their trigger finger.  The lever was designed to make clearing malfunctions a quicker affair.  Magpul's B.A.D. is the original, but other versions do exist.
Price: $29.99

aka: Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector.  This is the most user friendly ambi-safety out there.  It gives you the option to place one of five different levers on either side of the lower receiver.  Being able to operate the safety of a weapon in any situation is paramount.  For a more in depth review check out Jerking the Trigger.
Price: $53.99
The Redi-Mag allows an extra mag to always be ready; right on the side of your weapon.  This gives you the capability for very quick reloads.  I have never put one on my carbine because I'm not a fan of the extra weight that the Redi-Mag plus another loaded magazine adds.  There are many officers that like to have an extra magazine on board their patrol carbine when they grab it; whereas if you have to carry the rifle all day you have to do the math: ounces = pounds and pounds = pain. 
Price: $79.99

Magpul MIAD
The Mission Adaptable grip from Magpul offers three different back plates and two different front straps to customize the fit and finish of the grip for the end user.  The MIAD also offers four different grip cores allowing for the storage of ammunition, AA/AAA or CR123 batteries, and a bolt and firing pin.  If you install the MIAD on your lower receiver I would highly recommend installing Magpul's MOE Trigger Guard which gives your finger more room within the trigger area for easier operation with gloved hands.
Price: $35.99

ACLM Ambidextrous Charging Handle
I know this is not part of the lower receiver, but since I was mentioning other ambidextrous parts I thought I would throw this one in there.  I've used this specific charging handle for about a year and I am very impressed.  Made from aluminum billet it is a very strong but light weight replacement.  I am currently testing out another brand that offers an ambi charging handle and hope to bring you a review of it and other charging handles during the first quarter of 2011.  Stay tuned....
Price: $84.99

There are many different stock options on the market today. Many include compartments for storage of extra batteries or parts. Here is a list of some of the more popular ones:
Lewis Machine and Tool SOPMOD: $199.99
Magpul UBR: $264.99
Magpul ACS: $134.99
Magpul CTR: $94.99
VLTOR EMOD: $125.99

Before you start bolting all sorts of fancy stuff to your carbine you need to think about what function your gun will serve.  Does your gun sit in a safe nine months out of the year?  Is your gun locked into a vehicle mount or in a trunk?  Do you have to carry your carbine with you; everywhere you go?  Not all accessories work for all people.  Take your time and do the research so you don't end up spending your hard earned money on something that will ultimately be worthless to you.

Are there any accessories you think should have been included?  Tell us what you think! Post your list below or on's Facebook page.

-Double Aught

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