Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rail Guns on decks of Navy ships by 2025? **UPDATE** Video of test fire

With a little more research and fine tuning it appears this may be a reality.  This means a huge step forward in not only Naval combat, but combat in general.  What makes the rail gun most appealing is the fact that it creates so much power; that the projectile doesn't need to be explosive.  

U.S. Navy's Rail Gun test on Dec. 9 produced 33 Mega Joules of energy!
 "A single mega joule is roughly equivalent to a 1-ton car traveling at 100 mph. Multiple that by 33 and you get a picture of what would happen when such a weapon hits a target."
Once you eliminate the need for explosives, especially on a ship, you make it safer for the war fighter and cheaper for the Government to procure the weapon.  The projectile from a rail gun moves at 2-3 times the velocity of conventional "big guns" and is capable of hitting targets 100 miles away within one minute.  This is really exciting to say the least.

Read the full article from Fox News ----> HERE.

FOX News Video of the test fire. 

- Double Aught

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