Monday, December 20, 2010

Shotguns aren't the problem - criminals are: A look across the pond

Philip Johnston of the U.K.'s Telegraph wrote a column emphasizing the historical 'knee-jerk' reaction of the English people in recent decades.  The reaction is to gun violence and often manifests itself in populist legislation.  Johnston tips his hat to newly installed Prime Minister David Cameron for taking a much needed rational approach to a tragic murders earlier this year.
Philip Johnston's column gave me a perspective that is often overlooked in America.  He is writing from a reality where the ownership of firearms is considered to be radical.  It shows that we must continue to fight against those who would like to see firearms banned and outlawed. 

We must continue to make certain that every person knows that self defense is an inalienable right cannot and should not be questioned. EVER.  Let's hope we don't find ourselves living in Mr. Johnston's reality anytime soon.

- Double Aught

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