Friday, January 14, 2011

Bullets can kill FOREVER!

When ever there is a tragic firearms incident in this Nation I feel like the news media are always one step away from saying, "Guns should only be in the possession of the police." Don't kid yourself, that is exactly what many people on the fringe believe. But why would they say something like that? Do they belief that the only people that know how to handle a firearm safely are the police? Which isn't true: example one and example two. So where does this knowledge of safe firearms handling come from for the common person?

Most people learn firearms safety from their parents or from a hunter's safety course that their responsible parents have sent them too. While others may seek out a professional firearms training class once they are older. But why aren't our children receiving a formal firearms safety class at a young age? Our young children are exposed to sex and drug education at an early age, but firearm instruction is out of the question? When groups like the Violence Policy Center and the Brady Campaign scream bloody murder at the top of their lungs when ever a child is injured by a gun, but detest the NRA's Eddie Eagle Safety Program which teaches young children to do the following:
  1. STOP!
  2. Don't Touch
  3. Leave the area
  4. Tell an adult
Please point out to me where in those four steps proper firearms handling is cover. It isn't. No wonder children are tempted by the 'forbidden fruit' which is taunting them at every turn. Video games, TV, movies, and the news peak childrens' interest in guns and when they do finally happen upon one; they can't help but play with it.

Why aren't we introducing children to safe firearms handling in school, right next to the drugs and sex? Let's take away that 'forbidden fruit' from children who aren't introduced to firearms by their parents.

-Double Aught

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  1. The above mentioned Eddie Eagle program is how I have taught my kids.... with the inclusion of allowing them to handle my (unloaded) firearms as much as they want and whenever they want.

    I think it is incredibly important to satisfy their curiosity, so when you "have the talk" with them you should also show them a real gun, real ammo, magazines, ect, and explain to them how things work. You should also sit there until they have had their fill and just dont care anymore. I also always leave things with the reassurance that they can handle my firearms anytime they want, they just have to ask me. I think all of that goes a very long way.

    I will say, that my kids are still pretty young, and because of that they cant really understand the rules of firearms yet. About all they can really get into their heads is the Eddie Eagle program, and the general idea that "guns can kill/hurt you real bad" and "you can only touch a gun if daddy says you can".

    Now that my oldest is a little older and he has begun marksmanship training (Backyard BB gun sessions) I have begun to drill down on the actual golden rules... and you know what... he pretty much had them before I even had to tell him about them. He already had a healthy respect for firearms, and now the only real point of emphasis is that darn booger hook.

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