Saturday, January 8, 2011

Garand Plus: UltiMAK Updates the M1 Rifle

I was looking for an optic mount for a cute little Paratrooper SKS I have and naturally I turned to UltiMAK. I have one of their AK gas tube mounts and adore it. Solid mounting, low profile, practical, and quality is what you can expect from UltiMak.  I didn't find a gas tube mount for my SKS, but when their website loaded I was slapped in the face with this.

M1 Garand with Aimpoint T-1 mounted via UltiMak mount
My mind was confused for a moment. Do I like this? Yes, I do. I passed on buying a Garand four years ago and I regret it even more after seeing these photos. Check out their site for more details on this mount.  MSRP: $198.00
This is how I would set one up.
UltiMak offers mounting solutions for AK/Saiga, AR, M1 Carbine/Rifle, Mini 14/30, and M1A/M14's.
I still want a SKS mount...

- Double Aught

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