Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pimp my Lower: Part 2 Upgrade Your AR!

Wilson Combat (TTU)
After Market Triggers
Why would you want to replace your trigger? A long distance varmint AR might need a lighter trigger pull than the stock trigger offers.  Some .22LR conversion kits work better with unnotched hammers, and your current stock set-up has a notched hammer. Either way I'm sure you can find a good excuse to fit a quality trigger unit into your AR.
Below are three quality "drop-in" trigger upgrades. These are "self contained" units that are very easy to install. 
American Gold Trigger MSRP $279.95

Trigger/Hammer Pins
KNS Generation 2 Mod 2 Pins
I've only seen trigger/hammer pins fall out of the weapon during operation once, but once is enough. Not only will this stop the gun but it can also cause permanent damage to the lower receiver. For some people damage to the lower receiver may mean another stop at the gun shop and an opening of their wallet to purchase a new one.  For people who have registered their lower receivers with the A.T.F., as a Class 2 weapon, this can lead to other difficulties.
Below are a couple great replacement trigger/hammer pins.
KNS Trigger/Hammer Pins MSRP $32.00

KNS Push Button Pivot Pin
Pivot Pins
I've never had a problem with my stock pivot pins. A buddy of mine did replace his for the Yankee Hill EZ Pull Pins. Their size is too big in my opinion, but they are easy to use.
Yankee Hill Machine EZ Pull Takedown Pins MSRP $19.00
KNS Push Button Pivot Pin MSRP: $16.00

Before you start bolting all sorts of fancy stuff to your carbine you need to think about what function your gun will serve.  Does your gun sit in a safe nine months out of the year?  Is your gun locked into a vehicle mount or in a trunk?  Do you have to carry your carbine with you; everywhere you go?  Not all accessories work for all people.  Take your time and do the research so you don't end up spending your hard earned money on something that will ultimately be worthless to you.

Have you had any experience with a quality upgrade? Share it with us!
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- Double Aught

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