Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stories Worth Knowing 2: 01/02/2011-01/09/2011 Russians Penetrate the Bulletproof Walls of Greece with a Mass Death Missile!?!?

Very high dollar graphic!
AHHH! There are so many cases of mysterious mass animal deaths that it's hard to keep up. I know you have some conspiracy theories, so let's hear them!
There have been too many cases to include here; so here's an interactive MAP.

Greece? Nope... Mexco's southern border wall
Greece has decided to capitalize on the recent Border Building Bonanza! Greece is sick and tired of all the illegal immigrants coming from Turkey.
Fortifying a border is as old as civilization itself.  Israel has built a wall, so has Mexico. You thought I was going to say the U.S. didn't you?
Although the US border fence received a lot of press (mostly negative) the border fence that Mexico is constructing on its southern border has not.  The American tax payer even chipped in a measly $1.5 Billion to the cause in 2007.  
Now the U.N. is warning Greece about securing their border. The United Nations is claiming the "proposed 12.5 km-long fence at its border with Turkey will shut out asylum-seekers fleeing violence and abuse in their troubled homelands."  Hey U.N.! Stop busting their balls about the fence and try to stop the violence and abuse if it's so bad!

Some guy's HTC cell phone deflected a bullet that would have hit him in the chest while he was working at an Atlanta night club.  His sense of humor is the best part.  After the shooting he tells his boss, “You owe me a new cell phone.” Deflecting a bullet with a cell phone is cool, but not as awesome as deflecting a rocket with a hydraulic arm.

I don't think I can follow that with something funnier. Good article though!

Remember the one a few months ago off the California coast?  Here's video of another unexplained "missile" out of Texas. Is it real?  Probably not...

-Double Aught

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