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GunUp | The Future Of Guns Online

Either you've been in a catatonic state or you've been waiting to evacuate a middle eastern country to avoid riots. Those are the only two excuses that I can deem acceptable as too why you haven't joined GunUp.

If you legitimately just haven't heard about GunUp  then let me try to fill you in on their ever expanding role on how friendly folks learn about firearms.
  • The latest News on the firearms industry
  • Open Discussions on firearms
  • Giveaways from around the industry
  • Gunfinder, GUestimate to assess the price of guns and a list of Manufacturers
  • Q and A section lets you ask a question and have it answered by any number of professionals
  • Teamed up with over 40 Gun Bloggers to give you the most coverage of news, reviews, and insights!
Here's what CEO of GunUp, Dan Hall says:
"The online experience for gun enthusiasts is painful, frustrating, and fragmented. Our mission is to provide you with a one stop authoritative destination to share, discuss, review, and compare guns with confidence.
We believe that gun ownership transcends demographics. GunUp is not tailored to any one particular group of gun enthusiasts - if you like guns, we like you and you will be welcome at GunUp. One of our goals is to build a community that provides resources and education to prospective, new, and experienced gun enthusiasts in a safe and supportive environment.
We welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions as we embark on this journey with you."
I haven't even mentioned anything about their 'My Gunlocker' feature which allows you to show off what you have decorating the walls of your safe. Join now; you won't regret it.

-Double Aught

Chamber Check Needed

Whenever you handle a firearm the first thing you should always do is ensure it's UNLOADED! Get the word out. If you or someone you know doesn't do this, you need to start.

Two injured in accidental shooting at Bloomington gun show
An attendee at the show was handling a mini-14, semi-automatic rifle at about 11:15 a.m. As the patron was laying the rifle back on a vendor table, the gun accidentally discharged, said McLean County Sheriff Mike Emery.
"The round went through a post, through a person and then into another person," said Emery, describing the post as wooden, and 6 to 8 inches thick.
One man had a chest wound, while details of the second person's injuries were not immediately available. One victim was taken to OSF St. Joseph Medical Center, while the other was transported to Advocate BroMenn Medical Center.

The story above is a senseless mistake that could and should have been avoided.
-Double Aught

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Up in the air

Posting will be light over the next week due to my lack of Internet while traveling. When I return it will be with an increased effort to take to the next level. What is the next level? You and I will discover that together. You can look forward to more:
  • Reviews
  • Contests
  • YouTube videos
  • Information
Let's see what we can do. Until I return please feel free to entertain yourself with THIS.  

Stay Tuned...

- Double Aught

You may have also noticed a new image just above the Gun Spotlight. More information on that soon... I need to catch a series of planes!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Shot Myself...

I arrived at the range at 10:00 AM and had four hours before I had to be at work. Out of my range bag I pulled my Glock 23 and 250 rounds and settled in for two rounds of 'dot torture' and recreational fire. I had just installed a 3.5lb Ghost Trigger and wanted to put it through its paces.

38 rounds into the firing order the baseball cap on my head was struck by something.  It felt like someone had tossed a large pebble that struck the brim of my cap. I holstered the pistol and looked down. I immediately saw a dark piece of brass sitting in the grass. I picked it up and realized that it wasn't brass at all, but copper. It was one of the bullets I had fired down range. 

In disbelief I looked about searching for anywhere it might have originated from, but I was the only shooter on the range. It must have traveled down range and deflected off of the berm at just the right angle to send it skyward, and land only inches downrange of my head. It was not traveling fast enough to cause any harm, but it was still strange. I took the .40 caliber lump of lead and copper and stuck it in my pocket.

I proceeded to finish firing all 250 rounds, packed up, and headed to work without a further incident. On second thought I don't think that counts as shooting myself.

-Double Aught

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

US Military Upgrading Flash Hiders - Addition of Silencers Next?

Matt Cox, writing for, elaborates on the purchase of a couple different flash hiders for the M4/M16, SAW, and M240 weapon systems.
"Late last year, overall Afghanistan commander Gen. David Petraeus became concerned that the muzzle flash from weapons such as the M4 carbine was too easy for the enemy to spot."
It sounds like the Military has chosen the Advanced Armament Blackout 18T or similar flash hider for the M16 family and the M249 SAW. While the Surefire FH762MG was chosen to be placed on the 7.62mm 240B.

"The Blackout flash hiders, made by Advanced Armament Corp., replace the M4's closed flash hider with an open-prong device. The Army's Rapid Equipping Force shipped about 10,000 of these flash hiders to Afghanistan for use on the M4 carbine and the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon and about 1,000 flash hiders made by Surefire, for the 7.62mm M240 machine gun."

Surefire FH762MG

AAC Blackout 18T

Not only will this give our troops the much needed advantage of a minimized shot signature during combat operations, but both of these flash hiders are also suppressor adaptors.  Advanced Armament Corp. and Surefire have an extensive working knowledge of suppressor design and manufacturing. It looks like the U.S. Military may be looking to add the suppressor to the tool box of the standard combat troop.
"Based on feedback from Marines who have used suppressors in gunfights, "it has a negative impact on the enemy's performance when they don't know where the shots are coming from," said Charles Clark III, infantry weapons requirements officer for the Marine Corps Fire and Maneuver Integration Division"
"I'm not sure we will get to that stage because they are fairly expensive," he said. "I'm sure we will get suppressors within the squad, so they have the capability. … There are multiple applications for suppressors, the Army recognizes that and that is why that is in the improved carbine requirement."
Full Article HERE

- Double Aught

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

FREE* Silencer Co. 22Sparrow

"There’s Nothing Special About a Gun Show"

Since the recent Bloomberg "sting" went down I've had several people ask me, "What's the 'gun show loop-hole'?"  Vuurwapen Blog has posted a simple, yet complete discussion on the issue. 
"New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s recent sting was nothing more than a stunt conceived to fool the ill-informed public into thinking that they were in danger from the unregulated transfer of firearms between private individuals – a notion that is simply false. According to a 1997 NIJ study, criminals acquired firearms from gun shows less than 2% of the time."
Read the full post HERE.

- Double Aught

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Short Timers Syndrome (STS)

With a deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation New Dawn (OIF/OND) most everyone is suffering from 'Short Timers Syndrome'. What's STS you ask?
"The short timers syndrome (STS) was first described and studied
in the military. Although known since the antiquity, it was
more formally recognized in the 20th century during the two
World Wars. The STS has been well documented during all major
military conflicts and deployments since then.
Associated with longer tours of duty, the STS is defined as a drop
in morale, rise in anxiety, and a withdrawal from commitment to
combat. In many cases, soldiers lost so much combat effectiveness
that they had to be moved to noncombatant positions as the end of
their tour approached.
After all, few men wished to be the last to be killed or wounded as
the war or the deployment approached its final days. The short
timers syndrome was at times noted as much as two to three
months before the soldier’s expected date of return back home, as
he or she counted down the remaining days of deployment. In a
way, STS can be thought of as an extreme form of burnout."
Yep, that's about right

- Double Aught

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stories Worth Knowing 5: 01/25/2011 - 01/31/2011 Top Gun, Toys, and IEDs

They might own the majority of our debt, but at least we didn't have to reverse engineer stealth technology from another country. That's right, we do it the old fashioned American way; by reverse engineering alien space craft! WE'RE NUMBER ONE!

She jumped from the 23rd story (330 foot drop) landed on a taxi and survived with a broken hip, ribs, and internal bleeding.

Let's hope the TSA doesn't take any notes from Great Britain's airport security.

Would-Be Suicide Bomber Killed by Unexpected SMS From Mobile Carrier
Oh sweet justice! The only thing better than a pre-mature detonation while placing an IED.

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