Saturday, February 26, 2011

GunUp | The Future Of Guns Online

Either you've been in a catatonic state or you've been waiting to evacuate a middle eastern country to avoid riots. Those are the only two excuses that I can deem acceptable as too why you haven't joined GunUp.

If you legitimately just haven't heard about GunUp  then let me try to fill you in on their ever expanding role on how friendly folks learn about firearms.
  • The latest News on the firearms industry
  • Open Discussions on firearms
  • Giveaways from around the industry
  • Gunfinder, GUestimate to assess the price of guns and a list of Manufacturers
  • Q and A section lets you ask a question and have it answered by any number of professionals
  • Teamed up with over 40 Gun Bloggers to give you the most coverage of news, reviews, and insights!
Here's what CEO of GunUp, Dan Hall says:
"The online experience for gun enthusiasts is painful, frustrating, and fragmented. Our mission is to provide you with a one stop authoritative destination to share, discuss, review, and compare guns with confidence.
We believe that gun ownership transcends demographics. GunUp is not tailored to any one particular group of gun enthusiasts - if you like guns, we like you and you will be welcome at GunUp. One of our goals is to build a community that provides resources and education to prospective, new, and experienced gun enthusiasts in a safe and supportive environment.
We welcome your feedback, comments, and suggestions as we embark on this journey with you."
I haven't even mentioned anything about their 'My Gunlocker' feature which allows you to show off what you have decorating the walls of your safe. Join now; you won't regret it.

-Double Aught

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