Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Shot Myself...

I arrived at the range at 10:00 AM and had four hours before I had to be at work. Out of my range bag I pulled my Glock 23 and 250 rounds and settled in for two rounds of 'dot torture' and recreational fire. I had just installed a 3.5lb Ghost Trigger and wanted to put it through its paces.

38 rounds into the firing order the baseball cap on my head was struck by something.  It felt like someone had tossed a large pebble that struck the brim of my cap. I holstered the pistol and looked down. I immediately saw a dark piece of brass sitting in the grass. I picked it up and realized that it wasn't brass at all, but copper. It was one of the bullets I had fired down range. 

In disbelief I looked about searching for anywhere it might have originated from, but I was the only shooter on the range. It must have traveled down range and deflected off of the berm at just the right angle to send it skyward, and land only inches downrange of my head. It was not traveling fast enough to cause any harm, but it was still strange. I took the .40 caliber lump of lead and copper and stuck it in my pocket.

I proceeded to finish firing all 250 rounds, packed up, and headed to work without a further incident. On second thought I don't think that counts as shooting myself.

-Double Aught

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  1. I've been hit with a ricochet before, and it scared the crap out of me!

    I was at an indoor range minding my own, while the guy next to me was shooting a big ol' .44 loaded with semi-wadcutters. He was hitting everything but the target. On one shot, I heard it hit something metallic (I'm assuming the mechanism that holds the target and goes up and down the cable line) I heard it hit something else, and then I felt it nail me in the chest.

    I was loading a magazine at the time, and the round bounced off my chest and landed on my hand.

    The small, only very slight burn from the hot lead was more damage than anything it did to my chest - but it really shook me for some reason.

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