Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Short Timers Syndrome (STS)

With a deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom / Operation New Dawn (OIF/OND) most everyone is suffering from 'Short Timers Syndrome'. What's STS you ask?
"The short timers syndrome (STS) was first described and studied
in the military. Although known since the antiquity, it was
more formally recognized in the 20th century during the two
World Wars. The STS has been well documented during all major
military conflicts and deployments since then.
Associated with longer tours of duty, the STS is defined as a drop
in morale, rise in anxiety, and a withdrawal from commitment to
combat. In many cases, soldiers lost so much combat effectiveness
that they had to be moved to noncombatant positions as the end of
their tour approached.
After all, few men wished to be the last to be killed or wounded as
the war or the deployment approached its final days. The short
timers syndrome was at times noted as much as two to three
months before the soldier’s expected date of return back home, as
he or she counted down the remaining days of deployment. In a
way, STS can be thought of as an extreme form of burnout."
Yep, that's about right

- Double Aught

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