Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ONE NINE ONE ONE! Yadhtrib Yppah!

Photo Courtesy of Guns & Coffee : Great Pic

100 years ago today (March 29, 2011) John Moses Browning's robust 1911 pistol design was officially adopted by the U.S. Army. A lot of people wanted to share their birthday wishes:

Shooting Illustrated

Guns & Coffee

Jerking The Trigger

Empty Cases

Eyes Never Closed



-Double Aught

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Army's 4-Color Camo... Three Words: Re Tard Ed

Army's 4-Color above and against Authentic MultiCam : Photo by Soldier Systems
If the U.S. Army adopts its own version of MultiCam over the real McCoy, we will look like a joke.

The article over at Soldier Systems is a must READ. Not to mention the fact that the Army is acting like a little bitch, over what camo we should adopt. Details in the article.


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Turns out the Washington State Patrol Lost a Rifle...

If Found Please Return to WA State Patrol

Earlier in the week all gun shops in Washington State received this LETTER from the State Patrol.

It caused a backlash that they didn't see coming. Many people had THEORIES as to why they would send out a letter to all FFL's requesting information on all buyers of AR-15's.

It turns out that the State Patrol had "lost" one of their AR-15's and was just requesting the help of the FFL's to try and track it down. Check out the REPORT from their local news channel.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

State of Washington Wants to Know if you have an AR-15...

Earlier this week I posted a letter that one FFL dealer received from the Washington State Patrol. Well, it appears that every FFL in Washington State received this letter in an attempt to gain information in what some are calling a 'nefarious' manner.

No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money has all the details on the update:

-Double Aught

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting Ready to Review the CZ 452

Getting ready to head to the range to review the CZ 452. We will be shooting ten loads from four different brands to see which one the 452 likes the best. Of course accurcy will be only one part of the review. The loads are as follows:
  1. Federal Bulk Pack...............................36gr. - Copper Plated HP - 1260 fps
  2. Federal SpitFire..................................31gr. - Copper Plated HP - 1500 fps
  3. CCI Mini-Mag....................................36gr. - Copper Plated HP - 1260 fps
  4. CCI Velocitor.....................................40gr. - Copper Plated HP - 1435 fps
  5. CCI Stinger.........................................32gr. - Copper Plated HP - 1640 fps
  6. Winchester Bulk Pack.........................36gr. - Copper Plated HP - 1280 fps
  7. Winchester Wildcat.............................40gr. - Lead Round Nose - Not Given
  8. Remington Bulk Pack (Golden Bullet)..36gr. - Brass Plated HP - 1280 fps
  9. Remington Cyclone.............................36gr. - Lead Round Nose HP - 1280 fps
  10. Remington Yellow Jacket....................33gr.- Truncated Cone HP - 1500 fps
Stay Tuned...


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh, ok... WAIT A SECOND!

How would you respond to a letter like this?

Click to Magnify

How about if it was a different scenario:

You are the owner/operator of a very successful business. Everyone comes to your shop to buy everything from pin cushions to sledge hammers. Well, a woman called the local police because someone has stolen her credit card number. You accept credit cards at your business, but this woman has never been a patron of your store. The police are asking for the following:
  • Credit card numbers of all your patrons from the past year
  • Social security numbers, phone numbers, and addresses
  • Receipts showing proof of what they purchased and when
Why would you want to hand over any of this information?

What the WA State Patrol is asking for is already kept on record in accordance with ATF (BATFE) policies. So, why doesn't the State Patrol contact ATF? Probably because the detective knows that ATF isn't worth a damn. .

H/T: The View From North Central Idaho

-Double Aught

UPDATE: State of Washington Wants to Know if you have an AR-15...

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant: Explained

UltiMAK AK Rail System

I've always been a fan of UltiMAK, especially their AK Products.

Today I saw their bottom rail assembly for the AK over at Jerking The Trigger. They offer these rails for both milled and stamped receivers.

These AK rail sections come in:
  • Standard: extends to gas block leaves room for bayonet.
  • Long: extends to front of gas block covers bayonet lug.
  • Compact: for AMD-65, Tabuk, and M70's
All of them MSRP at $220.00

The UltiMAK bottom rails are a great complement to their Optic Mount Rails. Check them all out HERE.


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stories Worth Knowing 7: 3/8/2011 - 3/15/2011 India's Robot Dinosaurs are patrolling Mexico

The Creepiest, Most Realistic Robot Ever Yep, that's a good title...

Remember your favorite dinosaur as a kid? Well, according to paleontologists recent discoveries are changing what we thought they might have looked like.

When they say arms they're not just talking about small arms either. They are stocking up on submarines, tanks, jet fighters, helicopters, aircraft carriers, etc.

A move that many are calling, "on shaky legal grounds." The U.S. has been patrolling the sky over the sovereign country of Mexico with the same drones we use to patrol our borders and support our troops in war zones. First we find out about the flat out shocking Operation Fast and Furious and now this.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Remington Issues Recall Notice on .223 Rem HP Ammo

Product Safety Warning — Recall Notice
Remington .223 62 GR (MATCH) Hollow Point Ammunition
Remington has determined that four (4) Lot Numbers of its .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition may have been improperly loaded. The four (4) Lot Numbers are identified above. Improper loading may cause a malfunction of the cartridge when the firearm is fired resulting in higher than normal pressures. This malfunction may result in damage to the firearm, serious personal injury or death.
To identify if you have one of these Lots of ammunition:
* If you have a case of .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition the Lot Number is stenciled on the outside of the case; and,
* If you have a box of .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition the Lot Number is stamped on the inside flap of the box.
If you have any of this .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition, as identified above, immediately discontinue use of this ammunition and contact Remington at the below telephone number. Remington will arrange for the return shipment of your ammunition and upon receipt will send you replacement ammunition at no cost to you. If you are unsure whether or not you have one or more of these Lots of ammunition or if you have mixed boxes of ammunition; please immediately discontinue the use of the ammunition and contact Remington at the below telephone number — we will replace this ammunition for you.
For any consumer questions or instructions on how to return of your .223 Remington 62 Gr Hollow Point (Match) Ammunition with one of the following Lot Numbers H03RAI, H04RDI, H16NAI OR H17NDI, please contact the Remington Consumer Service Department at               1-800-243-9700         1-800-243-9700, Prompt #4.
More info at The Accurate Shooter.

NICS Checks up 13.6%

NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System... NICBCS, never mind) Administered by the FBI, NICS is the resource that all FFL dealers (gun shops) contact before any gun sale to ensure that the person who came in to purchase a firearm is legally allowed too. After you fill out the paper work to buy a gun and the dealer takes that and calls somebody or gets on a computer, NICS is who they are transmitting the data too.

Any who, NSSF has released a chart showing the rise in NICS check over the last decade.

According to the NSSF, NICS checks are up 13.6% Febuary 2011 over February 2010. The thing most people don't immediately take into account is that NICS checks don't equal guns sold. You can purchase several guns during a single transaction on one successful NICS check. Likewise, a NICS check can be done and no firearms transferred at all. The later does not happen very often, but the former is pretty common.

-Double Aught

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Market Share

A look at the top companies that currently hold the most market share in each category:

• Top rifle brand: Remington (17.5 percent of all purchases)
• Top shotgun brand: Remington and Mossberg (virtual tie with 21.5 percent of all purchases)
• Top muzzleloader brand: Thompson Center (31.9 percent of all purchases)
• Top handgun brand: Ruger (16.7 percent of all purchases)
• Top scope for firearms: Bushnell (17.1 percent of all purchases)
• Top rifle ammunition brand: Remington (25.3 percent of all purchases)
• Top shotgun ammunition brand: Winchester (31.9 percent of all purchases)
• Top handgun ammunition brand: Winchester (22.0 percent of all purchases)
• Top blackpowder brand: Pyrodex (38.7 percent of all purchases)
• Top balls, bullets, or shot brand: Hornady (28.4 percent of all purchases)
• Top decoy brand:  Mojo (12.9 percent of all purchases)
• Top game call brand: Primos (33.5 percent of all purchases)
• Top reloading bullet brand: Hornady (31.7 percent of all purchases)
• Top reloading primer brand: CCI (38.2 percent of all purchases)
• Top reloading powder brand: Hodgdon (37.8 percent of all purchases)
• Top holster brand:  Uncle Mikes (19.0 percent of all purchases)
• Top scent or scent covering brand:  Scent-A-Way, Scent Shield (14.7 percent of all purchases each)
• Top shooting target brand: Shoot-N-C (31.3 percent of all purchases)
• Top clay brand: White Flyer (51.8 percent of all purchases)

H/T: The Truth About Guns

-Double Aught

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Question of the Day: Have you ever used GunBroker.com?

GunBroker is comparable to Ebay, but for firearms and firearms accessories. My question for you folks is: Have you ever used GunBroker.com?

This can be in any capacity; buy, sell, or browse. I've spent hours just perusing their auctions for nothing but my own enjoyment. I've also used them in a professional sense. When I buy or sell a used firearm I will search for the same item on GunBroker to check the going price. The best way to see what a firearm is 'worth'; is to see how much people are willing to pay for it. The same goes for used accessories too.

This is an open question, please feel free to share your experiences with GunBroker or similar auction sites.

Survival Food Giveaway! Ends April 15, 2011

Digging around my garage I found a couple cases of MRE's and have decided to spread the wealth. MRE's are individually packaged meals, in a variety of flavors, intended for long term storage, but remain edible. These are U.S. Army Issue MRE's. The six flavors are:
  • Tuna
  • Chicken with Salsa
  • Chili and Macaroni
  • Spicy Pennie Pasta
  • Cheese and Veggie Omelet
  • Cheese Tortellini
Check out Survival Cache's article 7 Reasons MRE's are Better than Backpacking Meals.

To Enter:
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Will be chosen at random from the list of subscribers and notified via email. If you're selected and do not want the MRE's another person will be chosen at random. 

If you have any questions please Contact Us.

Kelly M. North Charleston ,SC

Thursday, March 10, 2011


The event has been moved this year to Ahlmans Gun Range in Morristown, MN 55052

It will be held  July 9th 2011

Want to be super special? Buy one of THESE!!!!!
If you aren't there then I guess you just don't care about living beyond the undead.

-Double Aught

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The Army wants what?!

Russian AN94
That's what I said out loud when I read KitUp!'s most recent post.

Army Wants Hyper Burst in Improved Carbine
The Army has a new leap-ahead challenge for gun makers — build an improved carbine that fires so fast it can put two bullets through the same hole.

Officials from Heckler and Koch, Remington Arms Company, LWRC International, Knight’s Armament Company and others told me that they know of no company in the U.S. that’s has this capability.Gun makers are describing it with phrases like “That’s a significant requirement.” and “It’s not going to happen.” My favorite is from a Remington official who said “It’s  just silly.”

The only company that seems to have it is Izhmach, a Russian arms company that produces the AN94. The AN94 has a burst mode that fires at a rate of 1800 rounds per minute.
Who was the person who said, "What we need is a rifle that can shoot a burst so fast that two bullets fly through the air almost behind each other." Who?! How about the Army focuses on better Gun Fighter training than asinine fire selections. That's just my opinion.

-Double Aught

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Gun Range Courtesy : A Reminder

As the weather continues to improve and people are drawn outside; many of them will want to head to the range to get some trigger time. Just remember to be polite; inside or out.

Gun Range Courtesy by Shelley Rae

-Double Aught

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MrColt45acp - A Must Subscribe on YouTube

John Moses Browning
I was an early subscriber to MrColt45acp's videos when he started his channel. I really enjoy the walk-throughs that he does on all the pistols in 'the collection'. His videos seem to almost put me in a trance. I've spent a lot of time on the Internet watching these videos and I learn something new with every video he uploads.

A little more on 'the collection':
This channel is centered on the exploration of a large private collection of Colt Automatic Pistols (not my collection) acquired over 30 years of traveling to gun shops, auctions and gun shows. The collection is a testament to the genius of the American gun designer John M Browning and the manufacturing abilities of Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company.
The collection I examine on this channel contains over 900 Colt Automatic Pistols. I am starting in chronological order with Colt Model 1900 thru Colt Model 1911, and then branching into the many different Colt Automatic Pistols in this collection.
His latest video:

-Double Aught

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Video: Run & Gun with Kel-Tec RMR30 and KSG

I cannot express to you folks how much I am drawn to the RMR-30.

Check out dogon1013's YouTube Channel for a few more videos of the action.

H/T: Gunmart Blog

- Double Aught

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What is this? Oh, it's a landmine...

UNICEF has moved its fundraising from kids with small piggy-bank boxes coming to your door; to placing landmines on sidewalks. If you ask me, I think it's brilliant!

Click to Enlarge

H/T: Predator Intel Inc.

- Double Aught

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"Velcro is too loud" - Insight

James G. of Death Valley Magazine has the ability to bring insight to even the most ordinary situations. I first started reading his writing during my tour in Iraq and I continue to subscribe to his posts for his humor and great product reviews.

Below is a sample of his latest post:

TACTICAL COMMENTARY: You Are Not a Navy SEAL Sneaking up on Someone, so When You Say "Velcro is Too Loud" You Sound Like an Idiot
So I was showing this guy here in Iraq one of the Zulu M-4 Mag Pouches I have and the first thing he said was “the Velcro is too loud, people will hear you use it” or something to that effect.

I was like “dude, you are a medic on a Helicopter, seriously?” – but he would not consider buying that pouch because in his mind it would somehow tip-off his location to the Ninjas or whatever he would be sneaking up on [presumably after already blasting off 30 rounds and jumping off a helicopter].

Normally this would not have stuck in my mind but like 3 days before another guy said he didn’t like one of my knives because it had a stainless blade that “would be too visible in the dark”. He is a blond guy who runs down the roads in Iraq in a 30 truck convoy in huge pick-up trucks with his PMC’s name written down the side. I was like “sure dude, they will never see you coming if you got a blacked-out blade”
Keep reading HERE.

Also check out some of DVM's other articles. These are some of my favorites:
- Double Aught

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Bullet Designs - Unique Products for all Shooters

I understand that you folks started small. How did Bullet Designs get started?
Four years ago, we began selling collectibles and other items on Ebay in our spare time. Ricky is a lifelong avid hunter and gun enthusiast. One day he spotted a 50 Caliber Bullet Keyring on Ebay that fascinated him. He wanted to make one for himself so we placed our first order for 50 caliber bullets and we've been adding new products regularly ever since. Karan has a background in jewelry making and accounting and a passion for incorporating bullets into her jewelry. Bullet Designs, LLC was officially organized in the State of Louisiana on March 31, 2010.
.30-06 Cuff Links

What are your most successful products?

The most successful products at Bullet Designs have been the Bullet Jewelry, Bullet Cuff Links and Bullet Ink Pens. The Bullet Cuff Links are especially popular for weddings and businessmen. For the ladies, some of our most popular items are the Wild Wild West Bullet Bracelet, the Sterling Silver Bullet Ring and all of our Bullet Earrings. The Deer Antler and Military Bullet Pens are our top selling Ink Pens. Our awesome customers have also given us many great suggestions and many new products have come into existence from their custom orders.

What are some of the more unique custom orders you have filled?
We take special orders using customer's bullets, such as the first bullet someone kills a deer with. Some of their stories are very touching - we were contacted by a customer recently who's brother passed away. He was in the military and at his funeral, three volleys of shots were fired in his honor. Afterward, the emptied casings were given to his two children to keep. Their aunt had heard of us and asked if we could make something special for her niece and nephew out of their bullets. They mailed the bullets to us and we made a bracelet for the daughter and a necklace for the son. Now, they can keep their special bullets with them at all times! We also had a US Marine request nine pairs of 50 Caliber Cuff Links for his Wedding Party - what an awesome idea!

300 Magnum Mach 3 Razor

Do you have any competitors?
Bullet Designs does have a few competitors, but the difference between Bullet Designs and other companies is the wide array of products that we sell and our outstanding quality. The other companies who sell Bullet Ink Pens and Bullet Jewelry usually sell just one type of product. There is no other company that sells bullet products offering the wide variety that Bullet Designs does.

What does Bullet Designs strive for?
Our goals are slow, long-term growth and continued positive customer feedback! When any problems arise, we are quick to resolve them and keep our customers happy. We are a family and a team that works together to achieve our goals.

More info on Bullet Designs:

Rifle Ink Pen

Bullet Designs is a small, family-owned, Christian business in Northern Louisiana. Our names are Ricky & Karan Kirkham and our 26 year old daughter Anna Hunt has just joined the company. Bullet Designs offers a large variety of products for men and women made from fired bullets, deer antler and other materials. We serve our customers with integrity and our customer service can't be beat. Christian values are the core of Bullet Designs. A Christian Pocket calendar is shipped with every order because spreading God's Word is important to us. We have been married for almost 28 years and we give the credit to God for the success of our marriage and business! Every new day is an adventure for us - we never know what new product idea God's going to give us!

In July, 2011, Bullet Designs will be featured in an episode of a reality tv show on The Travel Channel. Filming for the show took place in January and February of 2011. The show name has not been released at this time.

-Double Aught

Monday, March 7, 2011

Magpul 2nd Generation MBUS - NOW Shipping

The 2nd Generation MBUS is NOW shipping to dealers and distributors. New Features:
  • NAWS (No Aperature Window Sight) Fold forward both aperature sets.
  • Lower Profile than Gen. 1
  • Spring-locking front sight post holds consistent elevation
Front Sight: $39.95
Rear Sight: $57.95

For more info. check out their press release.

-Double Aught

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Stories Worth Knowing 6: 3/1/2011 - 3/7/2011 ATF finds Zombie Terrorist before Earthquake!

This story has been getting coverage on the blogsphere for many months, and finally it has hit the mainstream media. You need to know about this story and share it. And the Government wonders why people don't trust them...

Meet ‘Bini Laden’ — The 3-Foot-Tall Alleged Terrorist
Santa is missing an elf...

Could Scientists Really Create a Zombie Apocalypse Virus?
Oh NO! Don't do it! I don't have enough ammo yet...

Injection wells in Arkansas shut down as earthquake concerns mount
Oh, crap... The last major quake in that area was in 1811-12, which originated from the New Madrid fault. That quake made the Mighty Mississippi flow backwards, created lakes, and even broke windows in the White House!

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Eye Pro for use with Electronic Ear Pro: The Problem, The Search, and VICTORY!

Oakley Flak Jacket // ESS Crossbow Suppressor // Oakley Gas Can
 One year ago, I started shooting with electronic ear muffs instead of typical foam ear plugs. Not only did it make me look so much cooler ;) , but it also allowed me to better hear range instructions and be more aware of my surroundings in general. I was also wearing communication head sets for the military and needed to wear eye pro in conjunction with them.

The Problem
The most common problem people face when using ear muffs is that any eye protection you are wearing tends to dig into the side of your head or cause "hot spots".  Not only can the eye pro cause discomfort, but many times the arms will not allow the ear muff to fully seal causing degraded performance of the ear pro.

The Search

Oakley Flak Jacket

I first bought a pair of Oakley Flak Jackets because they offered fairly low profile arms. I really like the Flak Jackets but they dug into the side of my head behind my ear. I can usually deal with a little bit of discomfort, but after three hours or more it became down right painful.

Oakley Gas Can

Second, I bought a pair of Oakley Gas Cans on a buddy's suggestion. He said they where, "some of the most comfortable eye pro I've worn with ear muffs." He claimed that since the arms are very broad, they would eliminate any hot spots I had felt with the Flak Jackets. He was right. I didn't have the pain behind my ears anymore. Now my temples hurt! The broad arms came in contact with the area that surrounds my temples and when the added pressure of the ear muffs were added it became a problem.

Then, Rob Curtis who writes for Military Times Gear Scout contacted me. He wanted to thank me for reading and asked if I wanted a pair of ESS Crossbows. I promptly replied and received a set of Crossbows with their new Suppressor arms.

VICTORY! Great Success!
ESS Crossbow Suppressor

The ESS Crossbow Suppressor™ is the first spectacle frame designed for use with ear cup hearing protection and communications devices. Featuring Z-Bend™ Geometry, the frame's ultra-thin temple arms help keep noise out by minimizing the effect on the padded seal of ear cups. The slim temples eliminate the hot spots and pressure points that commonly occur when normal eye wear is worn under ear cups.

The Suppressor frame is compatible with all Crossbow™ lenses. These 2.4mm Polycarbonate lenses feature distortion-free ESSOPTICS™ and ClearZone™ FlowCoat technology to combat fogging on the inside and scratches on the outside. The frame's DedBolt™ Lens Lock provides quick lens interchange and rock-solid retention under impact.
If you try to wear the Suppressor equipped Crossbow without ear muffs they feel a bit front heavy and want to fall off the front of your face. This is immediately remedied once you attach the provided elastic strap. Either way, once you throw on a pair of ear muffs they feel right at home. I have used them on several missions and range visits and can say with confidence:
If you are looking for a set of eye pro that will not only be comfortable while wearing ear muffs but also effective; you need the ESS Crossbow Suppressor!

Top: Oakley Gascan Middle: ESS Crossbow Bottom: Oakley Flak Jacket

-Double Aught

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

ATF Operation 'Fast and Furious': "You need to scramble some eggs to make an omelet."

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle... G.I. JOE!!!!!!!!!

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Pistol Caliber Carbines: are they worth a damn?

I have never found much appeal in a carbine chambered in a pistol caliber, but many do. I am not knocking these people because I like some odd things too. I have delved into the world of pistol caliber carbines before. 
My first was a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 chambered in .40S&W. I had a lot of fun shooting this gun, but never really got excited about it. The early model's front sight blade left a lot to be desired in terms of accuracy and ease of use.
My second was a Marlin 1894 chambered in .357MAG. I still have this sweet little carbine and use it on long drives during deer season.

Don't let me dissuade you from looking into these firearms. Richard Mann has written a very insightful article for Shooting Illustrated; titled:

Check it out!

-Double Aught

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Real Time Gun Self Defense Data

You might notice a new widget on the right side of the blog today. It is from Action America and is available to everyone. It is constantly refreshing itself with the most current numbers on gun deaths vs. other deaths. This gives you hard numbers to crunch. Below those it shows how many times a firearm has been used in a self-defence situation. I find it very enlightening.

- Double Aught

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