Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Army wants what?!

Russian AN94
That's what I said out loud when I read KitUp!'s most recent post.

Army Wants Hyper Burst in Improved Carbine
The Army has a new leap-ahead challenge for gun makers — build an improved carbine that fires so fast it can put two bullets through the same hole.

Officials from Heckler and Koch, Remington Arms Company, LWRC International, Knight’s Armament Company and others told me that they know of no company in the U.S. that’s has this capability.Gun makers are describing it with phrases like “That’s a significant requirement.” and “It’s not going to happen.” My favorite is from a Remington official who said “It’s  just silly.”

The only company that seems to have it is Izhmach, a Russian arms company that produces the AN94. The AN94 has a burst mode that fires at a rate of 1800 rounds per minute.
Who was the person who said, "What we need is a rifle that can shoot a burst so fast that two bullets fly through the air almost behind each other." Who?! How about the Army focuses on better Gun Fighter training than asinine fire selections. That's just my opinion.

-Double Aught

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  1. Perhaps it would be better achieved through building a multiple projectile cartridge, but this whole thing is just silly. If one bullet wont get the job done, then choose a bigger caliber.

  2. Youu don't need two shots in one hole if the hole is sufficiently large. .30 cal or better is the way to go!

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