Wednesday, March 2, 2011

M&P VTAC - Viking Tactics Pistols

I saw these on Smith & Wesson's website and now have to think of an excuse, legitimate enough, to convince my wife I need one.

They come in both 9mm and .40 S&W flavors with an MSRP of $779.

A little bit about Viking Tactics:

Viking Tactics, Inc. offers a large selection of high-quality, battle proven tactical gear, designed by warriors for warriors.  The VTAC product line covers a wide variety of tactical needs for the soldier, the law enforcement officer,  as well as the competitive shooter. From the Viking Tactics Sling to the VTAC Light Mount, VTAC continues to provide many American Made products. 
Viking Tactics, Inc. also brings you battle proven weapon handling techniques and instruction. Our instructors continue the evolution in weapon handling, with extremely aggressive, no nonsense threat assessment and elimination skills. All Viking Tactics and Team VTAC instructors have Special Operations backgrounds as well as extensive real world experience.
We continue to develop products to see to the needs of the soldier as well as the needs of law enforcement, competitive shooter and the law abiding civilian. We want to provide you with quality products, affordable pricing, and responsive customer service!
I've wanted to get an M&P for a while now and maybe this will be the deciding factor...

- Double Aught

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  1. I wouldn't mind dropping that rear sight into mine.

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