Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MrColt45acp - A Must Subscribe on YouTube

John Moses Browning
I was an early subscriber to MrColt45acp's videos when he started his channel. I really enjoy the walk-throughs that he does on all the pistols in 'the collection'. His videos seem to almost put me in a trance. I've spent a lot of time on the Internet watching these videos and I learn something new with every video he uploads.

A little more on 'the collection':
This channel is centered on the exploration of a large private collection of Colt Automatic Pistols (not my collection) acquired over 30 years of traveling to gun shops, auctions and gun shows. The collection is a testament to the genius of the American gun designer John M Browning and the manufacturing abilities of Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company.
The collection I examine on this channel contains over 900 Colt Automatic Pistols. I am starting in chronological order with Colt Model 1900 thru Colt Model 1911, and then branching into the many different Colt Automatic Pistols in this collection.
His latest video:

-Double Aught

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