Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh, ok... WAIT A SECOND!

How would you respond to a letter like this?

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How about if it was a different scenario:

You are the owner/operator of a very successful business. Everyone comes to your shop to buy everything from pin cushions to sledge hammers. Well, a woman called the local police because someone has stolen her credit card number. You accept credit cards at your business, but this woman has never been a patron of your store. The police are asking for the following:
  • Credit card numbers of all your patrons from the past year
  • Social security numbers, phone numbers, and addresses
  • Receipts showing proof of what they purchased and when
Why would you want to hand over any of this information?

What the WA State Patrol is asking for is already kept on record in accordance with ATF (BATFE) policies. So, why doesn't the State Patrol contact ATF? Probably because the detective knows that ATF isn't worth a damn. .

H/T: The View From North Central Idaho

-Double Aught

UPDATE: State of Washington Wants to Know if you have an AR-15...

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