Saturday, March 12, 2011

Question of the Day: Have you ever used

GunBroker is comparable to Ebay, but for firearms and firearms accessories. My question for you folks is: Have you ever used

This can be in any capacity; buy, sell, or browse. I've spent hours just perusing their auctions for nothing but my own enjoyment. I've also used them in a professional sense. When I buy or sell a used firearm I will search for the same item on GunBroker to check the going price. The best way to see what a firearm is 'worth'; is to see how much people are willing to pay for it. The same goes for used accessories too.

This is an open question, please feel free to share your experiences with GunBroker or similar auction sites.

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  1. I have never sold a firearm on GunBroker, but have bought 2 handguns and 3 rifles on GB. Also ammo. Never had an issue, all items were exactly as advertised. Everything went smooth. With local gunshops really taking a lot for trade in, (local Gander now offers 50% of gun list price), GB is a good way to buy and sell firearms imho.

    P.S. I have purchased firearms from both private sellers and gun-dealers on GB.

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