Monday, March 7, 2011

Stories Worth Knowing 6: 3/1/2011 - 3/7/2011 ATF finds Zombie Terrorist before Earthquake!

This story has been getting coverage on the blogsphere for many months, and finally it has hit the mainstream media. You need to know about this story and share it. And the Government wonders why people don't trust them...

Meet ‘Bini Laden’ — The 3-Foot-Tall Alleged Terrorist
Santa is missing an elf...

Could Scientists Really Create a Zombie Apocalypse Virus?
Oh NO! Don't do it! I don't have enough ammo yet...

Injection wells in Arkansas shut down as earthquake concerns mount
Oh, crap... The last major quake in that area was in 1811-12, which originated from the New Madrid fault. That quake made the Mighty Mississippi flow backwards, created lakes, and even broke windows in the White House!

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