Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Velcro is too loud" - Insight

James G. of Death Valley Magazine has the ability to bring insight to even the most ordinary situations. I first started reading his writing during my tour in Iraq and I continue to subscribe to his posts for his humor and great product reviews.

Below is a sample of his latest post:

TACTICAL COMMENTARY: You Are Not a Navy SEAL Sneaking up on Someone, so When You Say "Velcro is Too Loud" You Sound Like an Idiot
So I was showing this guy here in Iraq one of the Zulu M-4 Mag Pouches I have and the first thing he said was “the Velcro is too loud, people will hear you use it” or something to that effect.

I was like “dude, you are a medic on a Helicopter, seriously?” – but he would not consider buying that pouch because in his mind it would somehow tip-off his location to the Ninjas or whatever he would be sneaking up on [presumably after already blasting off 30 rounds and jumping off a helicopter].

Normally this would not have stuck in my mind but like 3 days before another guy said he didn’t like one of my knives because it had a stainless blade that “would be too visible in the dark”. He is a blond guy who runs down the roads in Iraq in a 30 truck convoy in huge pick-up trucks with his PMC’s name written down the side. I was like “sure dude, they will never see you coming if you got a blacked-out blade”
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Also check out some of DVM's other articles. These are some of my favorites:
- Double Aught

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