Friday, April 22, 2011

Mexico to Sue U.S. Gun Makers

Let me get this straight...
The A.T.F. allows firearms to be bought, transported, and delivered to the Mexican Government's enemies by their enemies; the Drug Cartels and does nothing (to include their job) to stop them. Now the Mexican Government is going to sue the U.S. gun makers and distributors? Why aren't they taking the A.T.F. to court. After all, while they were watching guns travel south of the border, while telling Mexican authorities that they were stopping the before mentioned guns.

That's like suing a golf club maker for manufacturing, distributing, and selling golf clubs; because some crazy lady broke the window of your car with one. That analogy makes as much sense as the Mexican Government suing U.S. gun makers.

Here's what the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) had to say.

For more details check out the post over at The Truth About Guns. I'm all of a sudden hungry for some tacos...


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