Monday, April 25, 2011

Would you use the H&R Pardner Pump in Combat?

H&R Pardner Pump a.k.a. Chinese Type 97-1

I certainly wouldn't and apparently neither will the Chinese.

The Firearm Blog reports that the Chinese have decided not to add the Type 97-1 to their arsenal. It appears that they consider the shotgun a better riot control tool than a combat asset.
The Chinese police and army shotgun is the Norinco / Hawk Industries manufactured Type 97-1. It is a copy of the Remington 870. Ironically, the shotgun is imported by Remington (via. Marlin via. H&R) as the H&R Pardner shotgun.

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  1. your story is flawed... you make it sound as though they are specifically rejecting the H&R Pardner Shotgun because of some sort of design flaw or poor quality... when in fact they are rejecting ALL shotguns as an effective combat weapon relegating it to use in riot control situations (as they should).

    1. It is not flawed you basically recapped the above post with your comment. Do you think the shotgun shouldn't be used in combat?

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