Monday, May 16, 2011

1000 Rounds and a Glock 23

This past weekend I made a trip to the range with some family members and an ammo can filled with 1000 rounds of Winchester Ranger Law Enforcement Ammunition in .40S&W. Our plan was to fire it through my Glock 23 to see how the pistol would react.

If you have never fired more than 100 rounds in one continuous string of fire; let me tell you it can be pretty exhausting. I came away with a blood blister on my trigger finger and a blister on the web of my hand where the Glock's 'beaver tail' rubbed. I originally brought along and wore gloves to protect my hands from the heat that would inevitably build up, but I am happier with the fact that they helped minimize blistering. (which I did not think would be a problem)

The Glock 23 preformed well. We only experienced three failures and all were failure to fire. The videos below keep a running count of the failures as they happen.
As expected the pistol did heat up! If you watch the end of Part 3 after I disassemble the pistol I spit (sorry, I forgot water) on the barrel and you can hear it sizzle like bacon! Mmmmm...bacon....

The Glock 23 was not damaged permanently or temporally in any way. Even after firing a self defense load at steady cadence for over half an hour.

Some people will read this post and watch the videos and still hate Glocks; others will say that this only validates Glock's reputation for durability and reliability. What's my opinion? I think there are a lot more comfortable pistols out there and ones I can definitely shoot better with. This only reaffirms my belief that Glock makes a great 'no-frills', low/easy maintenance, and durable take-anywhere pistol platform.

Below is the video (broken into three parts) of the 1000 round test. It, just like Glock pistols, is simple without any flashy editing. For those of you who need bright colors, quick moving action shots, and special effects I have just one thing to say too you; I'm working on it. I hope you enjoy watching as much as we had shooting!


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