Saturday, May 7, 2011

Colt SP1 AR15 $500.83 in 1983

My grandfather celebrated his 80th birthday a few weeks ago and I had brought some of my guns to play with because I was told others would be doing the same. When the time came to break out the goods my uncle pulls out an AR-15 that he said he's had for nearly thirty years. He pulled out a Colt SP1 with the original manual and sales receipt. He told me he had shot less than 200 rounds through it since buying it in 1983.

Colt SP1 with original receipt and manual
Sold for $500.83 in 1983

BCM Left :: SP1 Right

SP1 Left :: BCM Right

Above is a look at the difference between the Colt SP1 and BCM M16 bolt carrier group.

Colt SP1 compared to 12.5" SBR

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