Friday, May 20, 2011

Glock Funny

  • Its made of glassed-filled nylon
  • Its has a high capacity fuel tank
  • If you fly it sideways it helps your street cred
  • The tires are made from recycled M&Ps
  • Ted Nugent has a ton of frequent flyer miles
  • Gaston often refers to The Head as the "Glock 7"
  • When the Brady Bunch saw this thing they immediately blamed the planes for 9/11
  • Gaston wont change a damn thing on that plane for the next 25 years
  • When ever it flies somewhere the stupid TSA people put the airport on lock down
  • Jessie Abbate... Mile high club... Come on! The jokes write themselves!
  • Gaston was pissed when he heard the tail number was gonna be "191145"
  • Some clever reference to SEAL Team 6
  • No, Ludacris, you can't charter it to fly you to the BET Awards
  • Its been seen many times doing Top Gun style flybys at JMB's grave site
  • It always gets you where you're going, but the seats are not very comfortable
  • Its surprisingly very aerodynamic
  • Gaston refused to allow it to be made with a parking break
  • Ironically, TSA wont let the pilot carry a gun
  • "Get these mother f**king Sigs off my mother f**king plane!"
VIA: Gunmart Blog

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  1. I heard some old pilots don't like it because the angle feels like they're flying up into the sky all the time.

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