Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Gun That Killed Osama bin Laden... maybe

Once the initial celebrations had subsided and we started getting all seventy-two virgins versions of the raid; many people started to ask the question, "What gun killed UBL?"

The first reports I heard were saying that the assault team was carrying HK MP7's. Then it was said that UBL was shot with a standard issue M4 Carbine. THEN, it was said that he was taken down by 7.62mm rifle and it was thought to be Colt's new CM901 platform. TTHHEENN, it wasn't a rifle at all but the venerable SIG Sauer 226 (MK25). Now it seems, on good authority, Osama bin Laden was put on ice by the HK 416.

I should mention that most people don't give a damn what gun had the privilege; they're just satisfied that UBL is dead.

Will we ever know for certain which piece of steel contributed to the downfall of one of the World's worst terrorists? Hopefully... but as of right now the German engineered "piston driven wundergun" is the best guess.


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  1. My compliments to Larry Vickers!

  2. The U.S. M11 pistol is the Sig 228, the compact version of the 226.


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