Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Post Maker a.k.a. Where The Magic Happens

Where do I do most of my blogging? Some bloggers have a dedicated room with shelves cluttered with trophies dedicated to their blogging prowess... I have an old ass laptop covered with awesome stickers in an attempt to make it look cool.

I am curious to know what some other blogger's set-ups are like. Here's a list of ones I'm curious about:



  1. I'll have to clean the place up a little first :)

  2. I'd be interested in Kevin from The Smallest Minority. In my mind, I picture it as an ancient library in a castle tower, filled with dusty scrolls and tomes of wisdom. ;-)

  3. Heh. Thanks for the blog idea - I'll try to get a shot tonight or tomorrow night.

    Prepare to be underwhelmed, though - I literally have a small corner of the kitchen island...

  4. Here you go.

    Some of the blogging does admittedly occur on a computer at work... but there's lots of down time there.

  5. Thank you for the inquiry.

    I blog from a high mountain eyrie-usually at night-from whence I can watch the lights of civilization twinkle far below if they are not obscured by an intermediate layer of clouds.

    In Liberty,

  6. Mostly at home but where ever I can.

  7. As long as the mosquitoes behave...

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