Monday, June 6, 2011

Police Agencies Profiling Second Amendment Supporters : This Should Come As No Surprise

The fact that law enforcement agencies are profiling second amendment supporters should not come as a surprise to any of you. Remember a couple years ago when the Department of Homeland Security released a warning to law enforcement to pay extra attention to right wingers, veterans, and second amendment supporters? Well it looks like the Baltimore Police has issued a reminder to their local officers. Below is the intelligence bulletin:

Are they just upset at the fact that the organization Legally Concealed is marketing a symbol "designed in the same spirit of the law enforcement 'thin blue line'"? Or is this a legitimate concern for the policing community?

They seem to be concerned that once the symbol is identified; that the officer is in imminent danger of having an armed encounter. While reading commentary on this story I noticed one person made the observation that there should be a release informing the public that if you see someone wearing a badge that you are about to have an interaction with an armed individual. I like that idea.

H/T: AmmoLand


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