Saturday, June 11, 2011

S&W Governor vs. Taurus Judge :: First Impressions

Top: Taurus Judge // Bottom: S&W Governor
I had an opportunity to handle Smith & Wesson's Governor side-by-side the Taurus Judge. My initial impressions are that the Governor seems to be a 'beefier' Judge. Obviously the Governor allows you to fire .45ACP (with the use of moon clips) in addition to .45 Colt and .410 Gauge Shotgun, but beyond the extra chambering and +1 capacity; I don't see anything special. With the Judge being about $100 less than the Governor I would get the Judge.

I hear you screaming out there... "Smith's trigger is way better than Taurus's!" ...maybe, but it was pretty difficult for my finger to find much of a difference in pull, break, or reset between the two. Both Smith and Taurus offer a life-time warranty and go bang. What more could you ask for?

One of the comments I've heard the most has been, "I never thought I'd see the day Smith & Wesson would copy Taurus." I usually respond by saying, "You'd be surprised by how many of Smith & Wesson products are copies." Overall, I'm not that impressed with either...

Top: Taurus Judge // Bottom: S&W Governor

Taurus Judge Specifications :: Click to Enlarge

S&W Governor Specifications :: Click to Enlarge

Left: S&W Governor // Right: Taurus Judge

Left: Taurus Judge // Right: S&W Governor

Left: S&W Governor // Right: Taurus Judge
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  1. One big advantage that the Governor has over the Judge it can shoot the .45ACP which is much cheaper and easy to find compared to .45 Colt, .45Colt ammo runs over $40 a box while .45ACP ammo is as cheap as $14 a box of 50 !

  2. I am impressed with both the Governor and the Judge, two excellent trail guns, for snakes I'd take the .410 #6 shot, for dangerous animals both four or two legged I'd use either the .45 Colt or .410 buckshot ! During these very bad economic times it is not uncommon for dog owners to release their pets into the wilds, and these "sweet" little former pets form packs and are known to attack and even kill humans,as what happened two years ago in the State of Georgia where a man and woman were killed by a dog pack, either the Governor or the Judge is an ideal weapon to carry while hiking in remote areas to protect an individual from these dog pack attacks !A suggestion, if all that you can find is .410 ammo in small shot #8 or #9, empty out the shot and replace the shot with 5 BB's reseal with wax, you now have a self-defence round !

  3. I found DOUBLEAUGHTs review to be far from usefull. The article was poorly written and incomplete. the only real contrast and comparison was what types of ammunition could be used in either firearm.
    Where is the information on materials used to make the guns? What is the diffefence in pounds of pressure in the trigger mechanisms. What comes with it? What accessories are available? How much is the average cost per gun?
    The article reads more like a text and makes me wonder about this persons credentials.I assume his education is incomplete. Certainly no college experience. I would not trust his judgement on which stick to use in a fight.
    Ive already done the research and realize I know more about these guns than the author. Additionally this response is professional compared to the review,which any english teacher of any level would give a failing grade. I will not be coming back to this site for any reason. I will advise others to make the same decision not to come here. These are deadly weapons, not Nerf guns.

    1. Easy now hero, I'm sure there are another 100 sites out there that also give reviews/perspective. ...And for your specific entertainment, guys shooting both pistols naked.

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