Friday, July 22, 2011

Mossberg AR-15 *cringe*

The reason for the *cringe* in the title of this post is because the memory of Mossberg's first foray in the "AR" market is still fresh and selling*.

But I digress...
I will clear my mind of the AR-22 and look at the MMR 556 without reservations. I hope to see how it stands up to Bushmaster, Smith & Wesson, DPMS, and others.

Here are the details:
  • Two Models (Tactical and Hunter)
  • Gas Direct Impingement Operation
  • Free Floated Carbon Steel 1:9" Twist Barrels
  • Single-Stage Triggers
  • Stark Ergo Pistol Grip w/Oversized Trigger Guard
  • 7-7.5lbs.

Mossberg MMR 556 Tactical 16"
Mossberg MMR 556 Tactical MSRP: $921 w/Sights $885 w/o Sights

Mossberg MMR 556 Hunter 20"
Mossberg MMR 556 Hunter MSRP: $921 Black Finish $1010 w/Mossy Oak Tree Stand or Brush 


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