Monday, July 18, 2011's SHOT SHOW 2012 Predictions

I'm not sure if I'm jumping the gun here (no pun intended), but I'm starting to get excited for the 2012 Shot Show! This past week I've been watching some of the coverage of the 2011 Shot Show and it just gets me all excited to think of what the industry has waiting in the wings. Which brings me to the reason for the above ramblings...'s SHOT SHOW 2012 Predictions:
  • Smith & Wesson will announce the introduction of a Mini 9mm to their Body Guard line-up
  • Ruger will bring back their SP101 chambered in 9mm
  • Ruger will announce the production of a SR45 and SR45c
  • Benelli will announce the introduction of a 20ga barrel assembly for their modular Vinci platform as well as an extended magazine option
  • Trijicon will release a 'scout' scope in their AccuPoint line
Do you have any industry predictions?


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  1. Off and on you'll see lots of support online for S&W to do something along the lines of a single-stack M&P9C... It would make sense with how well micro-nines are selling these days. (I'm still in the "should have done that instead of the stupid 'Governor' crap" camp.)

  2. I agree with you Fred. I'm not that impressed with the Governor either.

  3. I will be there staring in awe. That's how it went for 2011, so it may come true.

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