Friday, August 19, 2011

5.11 Tactical Series Deflect Eyewear :: Review

I've seen the effectiveness of quality eye protection (eyepro) in Real World situations. This has also reinforced my belief that a quality pair of eyepro is indispensable in all aspects of life. One night I was conducting a route clearance mission in Iraq when an IED detonated on one of our vehicles. The gunner in that vehicle was a member of my team and the only reason we were able to 'charlie mike' (continue mission) was because he was wearing a pair of eyepro. The set he was wearing was peppered with shrapnel that would have done some serious damage to a set of unprotected eye balls.

  • Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 and EN 166 personal eye protection standards
  • Lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • T-Shell coating provides scratch resistance and resists cracking and crazing
  • Selenite polycarbonate is die-cut to produce lenses without distortion from any angle and is ten times more impact resistant than class or resin lenses
  • TRILOID constructed frames; a material characterized by an extremely high strength, low density, and high resistance to chemical and UV damage
Fit and Finish
I've been wearing the Deflect Shooting Glasses for the past couple weeks and have found they are very comfortable. The bows are straight and relatively thin for comfortable wear with ear muffs. Each bow is branded with 5.11 Tactical signature and the bottom of the bows are rubberized for better grip. The nose piece is wide and rubberized to ensure proper and secure placement. The lenses are larger than some of its competitors, but that only enhances the protection they offer.

Endurance Test
5.11 Tactical teamed up with Wiley X who have a reputation of designing and manufacturing to-hell-and-back Shooting Glasses. I decided to see how effective the Deflect could be against a round of 12 GA #8 Shot. In the video below the Deflect takes a punishing nine rounds with a total of 93 hits with no penetration!

Take Away
After seeing the effectiveness of the 5.11 Tactical Deflect Eyewear I have no reservations wearing or recommending them to you. Matter of fact; I will be wearing this exact pair at the S.H.T.F.-1 Shoot September 24th. (with different lenses inserted of course) If you see me come on by and check 'em out!




  1. If only they were polarized, they would be damned near perfect... As it is, thanks for doing the "operational" testing - I always wonder how glasses would take that kind of abuse :).

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