Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marlin vs. 'Remington Marlins' : Is this American Icon Dead or Dying?

Top: Remington Marlin 336W // Bottom: Marlin 1895
If you think Marlin is still the same company you grew-up loving you may be in for a surprise. Back in 2008 when Marlin was brought into the fold of Remington via Cerberus Capital many thought quality and craftsmanship would fall to the wayside. Others said the nay sayers were not looking toward the future.

Today we have the luxury of having actual 'Remington-Marlins' to place side by side of 'Marlin-Marlins'. The pictures speak for themselves. I would like to address up front that I realize these two rifles aren't exactly "apples to apples" but my point will be illustrated. Let's first look at the fit and finish of the forearm.

Front Forearm 'Remington Marlin'

Front Forearm Marlin
You can clearly see in the pictures above that more time and effort was taken with the Marlin made forearm than the Remington produced forearm. It becomes even more obvious when you look at the rear of the forearm.
Rear Forearm of 'Remington Marlin'
Rear Forearm of Marlin

The fit and finish of a firearm might not be very important to some people but if I'm going to buy any product I would at least expect it to look finished. The rifles that Remington is marketing under the name of Marlin is a disgrace.
How can you tell which Marlins are made by Marlin and which are made by Remington? It is pretty easy. Marlin put their serial numbers on the tang of the receiver just behind the hammer. Whereas, Remington made Marlins are placed towards the front on the left side of the receiver.
Marlin Serial Numbers are Located behind the Hammer
'Remington Marlins' Serial Numbers are on the Left Side of the Receiver
Another simple way to tell the two apart is to check the right side of the barrel near where the barrel and receiver meet. If it is a Remington made Marlin it will be stamped with "REP". Which stands for "Remington Peters".
REP = Remington Peters
Mark my words. In the not so distant future, as new Blue Books are printed, there will be a premium placed on pre-'08 Marlins; just as there is now for pre-'64 Winchesters. I just hope Remington doesn't phase out the Marlin Bullseye... but it appears they have begun to:
Left: Marlin w/Bullseye // Right: 'Remington Marlin' without Bullseye :(

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  1. You aren't imagining this phenomenon.

    TheTruthAboutGuns ordered 2 Marlins in .357mag, and both had serious issues:

    And the Rem 870 has taken a dive in quality too.

  2. A model 1895 was my first centerfire and still my favorite hunting rifle. That new Marlin looks like a chineezy P.O.S.

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