Monday, August 15, 2011

Remington Versa Max :: Why do I want one of them so bad?

I've been looking at a semi-auto shotgun for a long time. When I began my search I decided that I would buy the gun I wanted (no matter the cost) so I wouldn't have to compromise anything. (winners don't compromise!)

Benelli Super Black Eagle 2
I first looked at the Benelli Super Black Eagle 2. I've found that many people use this gun as the bar to measure all others against. I found them very easy to shoot and instantly fell in love with its raised rib. Not wanting to buy the first gun I saw I checked out a few others.

Winchester SX3
I had an opportunity to shoot a buddy's Winchester SX3. What a great gun, but.... it just wasn't the one. I found that it was also a more complicated bolt to clean than the Benelli bolt.

Browning Maxus
The Browning Maxus for all intensive purposes (in my opinion) is a refined SX3.... moving on.

Benelli Vinci
I had come full circle back to Benelli when I fired a Vinci. I liked the concept behind the 'modular' design and aggressive styling. The Vinci's 'Inline Inertia Drive' was a dream to handle and the whole system is a breeze to clean. I had all but made up my mind on the Benelli Vinci until the Super Vinci made its debut. That was it; I would buy the Benelli Super Vinci....

Remington Versa Max
Then I saw the Remington Versa Max. I had seen the gun earlier in my search and had not given it a second thought until I handled one. The whole gun screams Benelli. I can already hear you saying, "Then why not get an actual Benelli?" I like gas guns that's why! I know people that swear by the Inertia Drive system but I love me some gas!
What I find neat about the Versa Max is that it uses, what appears to be, a version of Benelli's ARGO Gas System. The ARGO Gas/Piston System can be found in the Benelli M4 which has been adopted by the Marine Corp. The other thing is that in addition to a similar gas system; I find it difficult to discern a difference in the Versa Max bolt vs. the Benelli's which is simple to disassemble and clean. To go a step further; the rib profile on the Remington is identical to the Benelli (which I like).

In Summary:
  • I like a gas driven shotgun
  • I like the ease of cleaning of the Benelli bolt
  • I like the profile of the Versa Max (rib, forearm, and overall aesthetics)
  • I need to shoot one before I buy one... anyone have one?
  • Where am I going to get $1400?
I guess I still have to save up a sizable amount of money for whatever gun I decided to buy. I will use that time to see if any of the shotguns listed above sway my opinion or if new guns come onto the market. As of right now it is the Versa Max's race to lose.



  1. Did you get one?

  2. I recently got a great deal on a Beretta AL391 Urika Sporting so I've been shooting the hell out of that.

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