Monday, August 29, 2011

Spotted at Ahlman's Shooter's Roundup

Ahlman's Shooter's Roundup is always filled with vendors, entertainers, and good old fashioned shooting fun. This year I had a chance to fire products from Browning, Winchester, Savage, Umarex, CVA, Benelli, Beretta, CZ USA, Ruger, Taurus, Springfield, and DPMS. 

With this revolver Taurus takes their popular Judge concept and places it into their Large Framed Raging Platform. The introduction of the larger frame allows you the option of firing six rounds of .454 Casull, .45 Long Colt, or .410 Gauge.

I enjoy shooting long slide pistols and the 5.25 is no exception. With a light recoil spring allowing for the shooting of lighter competition ammunition and accuracy beyond what I am capable of shooting the 5.25 is the only offering within the XD line that I'll give more than a second thought. Everyone I know that owns a XD loves it, however; I don't like them. I have my reasons, but that is a topic for another post.

With a nearly identical feel of the popular Centerfire M&P Pistol Line the .22LR version stacks up nicely. I fired two magazines with no issues and enjoyed it so much it might just give my SIG Mosquito a run for its money.

I have not heard much about the PPQ and too be honest it didn't excite me much. The only reason I was drawn to it was because Haus of Guns had mentioned the trigger has 0.4" of travel with a 0.1" reset. They weren't lying. I shoot utilizing trigger reset all the time, so I guess I have to retract my earlier statement; the trigger excited me a bit.

For those of you who have handled the SR556 you know that it is a pretty heavy gun (7.94 lbs). When I picked up the SR556-E I expected it to feel lighter, but it is still a pretty heavy rifle (7.36 lbs) due to its piston based operating system. The 'E' is just a stripped down version of the original to come in at a lower MSRP.
If you look in the lower left corner of the picture you can see the Ruger Single-Ten. A ten shot version of their popular Single-Six.

I had a great time at the Shooter's Roundup! I had the chance to shoot a lot of stuff, even some full-auto rifles; which is always a blast. The guys from the upcoming SHTF-1 Shoot were there running a three gun competition and the winner received free entry into the shoot in September. I watched some exhibition shooting put on by the Gould Brothers and had a chance to talk with Aaron from DPMS about their product line. It was a full day, but after I left I couldn't stop thinking about next year; I can't wait.


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