Thursday, August 25, 2011

Taurus TCP .380 Issues

If you are a shooter who utilizes trigger reset when firing, the Taurus TCP may not be the gun for you. After seeing this video I got my hands on a Taurus TCP and a Ruger LCP to see if they shared the same issue. They didn't.

When firing the TCP and utilizing trigger reset I found, just as Richard Mann did, if you attempt to pull the trigger at the first click the hammer will drop from a half-cocked position and not fire the next round with much consistency, but more important; when it didn't fire the trigger would go dead. This was remedied by racking the pistol and allowing the trigger to reset fully.

When firing the LCP I found that it also has a double 'click' reset but does NOT allow you to pull the trigger at the first click; forcing you to reset the trigger fully before pressing it to the rear.

Very interesting...


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