Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thoughts on the Combat Shotgun :: Warrior Talk News Combat Scattergun Project *Work In Progress*
If you have a shotgun you are thinking of dedicating as a defensive/offensive gun (like I have) you may want to take into account some lessons that have been learned along the way.
  • Do I need a light?
  • Should I have a pistol grip?
  • Buck shot, Slug, or Other?
While there are several differing schools of thought on each of those questions and many others; I don't believe any one person will have the answers (or opinions) to best suit every individual's needs. Your best option is to read and talk too people that possess the experience that only comes with time shared with the weapon system in question. Here's a good starting point:

"The desire to turn the shotgun into a rifle came from the commercial shooting schools in the late 1990s. Having saturated the pistol market, they began to delve into other platforms, the shotgun being one. What you see today is what happens when you put a classic precision seeking rifleman, and a liability-averse police administrator in a room and ask them to write up doctrine for the shotgun. What they produce will be vastly different than if you put sweaty men with bloody hands and combat knowledge in there and ask the same of them."
Continue Reading: The TSD Combat Systems 870 Shotgun


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