Friday, September 16, 2011

Advanced Armarment Corp. Micro7 Rifle

AAC Micro7 Rifle 300 BLACKOUT

Introducing the Advanced Armament Corp. Micro7 Rifle! Built on the proven Remington Model 7 this light weight rifle is sure to be a favorite host for many cans!
• Weather-proof synthetic stock with AAC adjustable cheek piece.
300 AAC BLACKOUT lightweight 16 inch barrel.
• Threaded muzzle (5/8-24) for compatibility with sound suppressors. AAC thread protector included.
X-Mark Pro adjustable trigger
• AAC picatinny scope mount pre-installed using the same beefier Torx screws used in the US Army’s M24 sniper rifle
• Nitrided 1/8″ twist barrel for extreme hardness and long life
I have no experience with the 300 AAC BLACKOUT (7.62x35mm), but I can tell you it is on the top of my list of cartridges to check out. It was intended for use in the AR platform and is ideal for suppression because of its sub-sonic capabilities while delivering a .30 caliber bullet downrange. I'm glad to see it has cross pollinated into a bolt gun.

MSRP: $899.99
Orders being accepted NOW!
H/T: AAC Blog

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  1. Round Nose expanding HP bullets will NOT feed in a Micro Seven.

    Round Nose Soft Points will not feed, pointed bullets may feed.

    The internal box magazine feeding is inadequate. A shim is needed to fix the feeding with pointed bullets. (all the shim does is keep the flat spring from sliding in the floor plate and does nothing to correct the feed ramp/rail relationship.

    From the factory the Micro7 will not feed any ammo reliably. (less than 50/50)

    Totally unacceptable. Only reliable "fix" for the Micro7 is a single shot magazine follower. Making it a reliable $900 single shot rifle.

    Unless this is a range toy, buyer beware. A Single shot will feed faster and more reliably especially when rushed, in a stress situation.

    If you are in law enforcement this rifle could result is a real serious problem. Go for the second round and the round will get jammed and will not clear without dropping the floor plate.

    If this is for just street light or guard dog pre-entry elimination you may only have one shot even with pointed bullets.

    If you get this handy light compact subsonic friendly package make sure you test it thoroughly before using it in the "field."

    The Micro7 reliability was a huge disappointment.

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