Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Revision BATLSKIN Head Protection System
Revision has launched what they have dubbed BATLSKIN (Battle Skin) It is being marketed as a whole head protection system.
"Batlskin Head Protection System combines groundbreaking technology and design, with new materials and innovative processes to deliver an all-new ballistic helmet shell, trauma liner, front mount, retention system, mandible guard and visor. The result is a single, fully integrated system that provides excellent protection from blunt force, blast and ballistic threats, with a lightweight wearability for peak performance."

The product looks great, but we all know that what looks great on paper doesn't always live up to the hype.

My first concern is fogging. I have worn many goggles that claim to be fog proof/resistant, however, fog is always a factor. My other concern is how well the mandible section actually integrates into active use. I am interested to find out how well a rifle can be 'cheeked' while the mandible is attached. Finally, the field of view would be a deal breaker for me if it was too narrow. I have not donned the BATLSKIN, so I cannot say whether or not the FOV is comfortable or not.

What I like about BATLSKIN is that Revision has actively seen the effects of blast trauma and developed a product to help mitigate the effects. Only so much can be done for the overpressure of a blast, but BATLSKIN offers a lot more protection from shrapnel than a standard ACH. I can see this system being integrated into the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for turret gunners and being embraced by the Soldier in that role. I know it would have saved my face from bouncing off the butt of a 240B once or twice.

For all the details check out Predator BDU Blog.

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  1. It looks like a paintball mask. I would not want to wear one for the extended periods of time that a soldier would have to, but I would not want to play paintball without it.

    If it provides value added protection then its worth it. If not, then it will be a flop for the reasons you mentioned above. Some people on the interwebs are also wondering how a respiratory system would work with it.

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