Friday, September 30, 2011

SHTF-1 Tactical Shoot 2011 :: AAR

Photo Courtesy of SHTF-1
On September 24th attended the SHTF-1 Tactical Shoot at Ahlman's in Morristown, MN. You could not have asked for a nicer day. It started out in the fifties and warmed into the low seventies. Perfect weather for folks to be completely decked out in their tactical garb. The cadence of gunfire started slow at the beginning of the day but quickly rose to a persistent white background noise.

We didn't really know what to expect from the event. We had seen their booth at the DPMS Zombie Shoot earlier in the year advertising the SHTF-1 shoot and continued to follow them. When the day finally arrived we loaded our gear and headed to the event not knowing how many people would be there. It reminded me of the first DPMS Zombie Shoot; lots of fun but plenty of room for improvement. The organizers of SHTF-1, taking their position seriously, have done the responsible thing and already laid out the improvements they want to put into place by next year. Here's the AAR they have released:
Thank you for attending the first SHTF shoot. We had a ton of fun planning and putting this on and hope you had a great time at the event. We’ve received a ton of feedback, mostly positive, but also some tips on how to improve for next year. These suggestions are very helpful and will be taken very seriously while planning next year’s shoot. They include:

1. More food and beverage vendors, and have them be on site all day

2. More metal targets and metal reaction targets

3. Dueling stages, where you compete against a shooter next to you

4. Timed and scored stages for shooters who want to compete against themselves/others      
5. More squad stages

6. More walking trails and even more action on the walking trails, possibly with gun transitions

7. A map of the grounds and stages, which guns required on which stages, vendors, bathrooms, etc.

8. Better organized demonstration location and times

9. Updated website to improve badge and shirt ordering

10. Create SHTF patches for uniforms

We have already been putting ideas on paper to address these main suggestions, as well as areas of improvement we felt we could make but weren’t pointed out. Overall, everyone seemed to have a great time and were hoping we would put on a year 2! I’ve already locked in a date with Ahlman’s, we’ll update our website and facebook pages to follow us into SHTF-2.

As you can imagine, these shoots take a lot of work from an administrative, planning and execution perspective. If you’d like to donate stage ideas, target ideas, set-up or clean-up help or any other service you can offer to make the event more fun for all of us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be open to discussing discount or a free shooting pass for those folks offering help. Once again, thanks so much, we hope to see you all in 2012!!!

We are looking forward to it!

Make sure you check out our YouTube Playlist of a few shooting videos we made.

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