Wednesday, October 5, 2011

idIRt : Awesome or Awesomer?

If you have spent time in our Nation's Armed Forces you have most likely been exposed to a Cyalume product. ChemLights are used in countless activities:
  • Marking IED's
  • Illuminating pop-up targets for night fire
  • Crazy rave dancing after a successful mission
  • Communication after the failure of comms.
Others may know them by 'glow sticks', but this post isn't about a lame chemical activated luminescent tube of varying lengths. This post is about their new product dubbed 'idIRt'.

idIRt is a dirt-like substance that consists of two parts. Once the two parts are mixed the product is activated. Once activated it glows within the IR (inferred) spectrum of light. Being completely invisible to the unaided human eye; this product can be dispersed around an area of interest where a suspect may pass. Once you detain the suspect you can break-out your night vision and confirm that the individual passed through your targeted area. Awesome!

H/T: Soldier Systems

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