Friday, October 7, 2011

The "NEW" Browning A5

Top: Mossy Oak Duck Blind // Middle: Hunter // Bottom: Stalker
"The Maxus is pure lightning, and you can't have lightning with out thunder. Bring the thunder."
You mean you can't have thunder without lightning, right? Anyways....

Nice video, good production value, and okay use of high-speed cameras; over-all... meh, but you know what's really missing? Details on the operating system. A big pain in the ass for a lot of shooters was remembering how the damn friction ring stack was assembled for different loads. In order for the A5 to cycle a certain load effectively you had to shuffle the friction rings. Most people, not realizing this, just assumed that their gun liked certain loads better than others.
Browning A5 Friction Rings w/ Assembly Chart
I understand the "New" A5 is still going to be recoil-operated utilizing the Browning Kinematic Drive, but what about those damn friction rings? Are they still present and do I (the end user) have to pull out the manual every time I switch to a different load? These are important questions! Our technology has progressed beyond the original 1898 design. But I could be totally wrong; like they say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

All of that aside, I do think Browning will find moderate success with the reintroduction of the A5. Delivery is expected by Spring 2012. Specifications and MSRP's below.

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  1. They are correct the new a-5 aint grandpas old shot gun. Daughters boy friend just picked one up from cabelas shot to boxes of shells and the forearm developed a crack. This crack was on the dura touch stock.

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