Friday, October 28, 2011

SIG 226 BLACKWATER (Tactical Operations) :: Review

The SIG 226 Blackwater is a branded SIG 226 Tactical Operations. I will tell you up front that I don't know a whole lot about Blackwater or Xe or whatever they are calling themselves now. This review is a look at the SIG 226 (Blackwater) Tactical Operations, not a History of Blackwater.

Cool Guy Factor
The cool factor of this pistol is off the charts! With Blackwater's symbol on the grips, slide and their name engraved across the front of the slide there is no mistaking the intended purpose of this pistol. So what is the intended purpose of this pistol? For most people this pistol will fill a spot in the safe (or ego)  and be pulled out to impress friends when needed. Make no mistake this is still a SIG 226; which means that it has proven itself as a fighting pistol of the highest degree; operating in the World's most demanding conditions.

Fit and Finish
While being embossed with Blackwater symbology the addition is not over the top. What makes the pistol stand out are it's features. The sights are a pleasure to line-up. Outfitted with SIGLITE rear night sights and a green TRUGLO front sight; your sight picture pops with emphasis on the front sight. The SIG 226 (Blackwater) Tactical Operations comes with four (4) 20 round magazines. That is enough firepower to solve a lot of issues. If you can't get away or fight your way to a bigger gun within 80 rounds of ammunition... well it sucks to be you. Even with a 20 round magazine the pistol does not look or feel awkward. The pistol is outfitted with a set of extended grip panels that also create a large magwell to ensure easy loading.

Fitted with SIG's Short Reset Trigger (SRT) the double action pull was smooth and crisp; which broke just before I expected it too (which was nice). The reset was short and tactile; with an audible click pressing the trigger offered a bit of take-up before a crisp break. I've never really felt comfortable shooting a SIG because the high bore-axis always felt awkward to me. To off-set this the SIG 226 (Blackwater) Tactical Operations has an enlarged beaver tail which allowed my grip to ride high in order to mitigate the high bore axis (or maybe it's all in my head)

I had a blast firing this pistol. My three top favorite features of the SIG 226 (Blackwater) Tactical Operations are:
  1. Green TRUGLO Front Sight
  2. Large; Generous Beavertail 
  3. 20-Round Magazine (imagine the possibilities)
Check out the Specifications:
SIG 226 Tactical Operations Specifications
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  1. According to my point of view, blackwater’s symbols on the grips, slide and their name engraved across the front of the slide is no mistaking the intended purpose of this pistol. For most os the people use this pistol will fill a spot in the safe and be pulled out to impress friends when needed. Thanks for sharing. To know More:

  2. funny... we carried G19s

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